Honorary Golden Bear: In Conversation with Martin Scorsese I Berlinale Talents 2024

The Berlinale is proud to present this year’s Honorary Golden Bear to a filmmaker who’s constantly pushed the medium toward uncharted paths. With a body of work spanning six decades and over fourty features, running the gamut from crime epics to animated features and religious dramas, Martin Scorsese has revolutionised the medium, and reinvented himself with every new film. His latest, “Killers of the Flower Moon” (Apple Original Films), is a vivid and engrossing testament to the power of cinema to turn into what critic Roger Ebert once called an “empathy machine,” a telepathic conduit between filmmaker and audience. Hosted by none other than acclaimed British director Joanna Hogg, this in-depth panel will invite the two filmmakers to reflect on Scorsese’s journey through films, as well as our shared love for cinema in all its languages.